I grew up in a farm community and learned a lot about water and soil control; when I moved to the big city I was horrified to find out that not everyone valued our land.  I decided a couple years ago to move away from the fast paced city life and pursue my real love…Nutrition!  I became fascinated with foods’ ability to make me feel good or bad depending on what I had eaten.  Foods that I had once loved suddenly made me ill; the more research I did, the more I realized my health was linked to the food, water, and vaccines given to the animals I was ingesting.

As you explore my blog you will discover many different healthy lifestyle tips, a general understanding to nutrition, and hopefully great new articles and websites to further your own understanding of the state our food is currently in.

May 2013I am not a licensed professional and highly recommend that you speak to medical professionals before adhering to any dietary changes that you may find in this blog.  Thank you for your time and good luck in your own pursuit to a healthier life style.


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