I will expand more on this topic later, as I am writing a research paper for one of my classes; however, I came across an excellent site and wanted to share with anyone who is interested.

No wonder our society is becoming more obese, we have to eat more in order to get the nutrients our grandparents used to.
Fruit 1940 vs 1991:
Sodium 29% Loss
Potassium 19% loss
Phosphorous 2% Increase
Magnesium 16% Loss
Calcium16% Loss
Iron 24% Loss
Copper 20% Loss
Zinc 27% Loss

Vegetables 1978-1991:
Sodium 39% Loss
Potassium 16% Loss
Phosphorous 14% loss
Magnesium 33% Loss
Calcium 40% Loss
Iron 6% Increase
Copper 72% Loss
Zinc 59% Loss

Meat 1940-1991:
Sodium 30% Loss
Potassium 16% Loss
Phosphorous 28% Loss
Magnesium 10% Loss
Calcium 41% Loss
Iron 54% Loss
Copper 24% Loss

It’s no wonder we over eat.