Our body’s develop through adolescence; we all remember those awkward years of being lanky, over weight, and all together a little funky.  When obesity develops in infancy or in childhood the person develops more adipose cells (fat cells).  Your body will first expand it’s fat cells, but if the cells get too large, they divide and create more fat cells.  This is BAD.  You do not want your body making more fat cells than it needs because the body NEVER loses those fat cells.  This is why so many people have a hard time losing weight and keeping weight off.  Childhood obesity is a huge problem and it will affect people into adulthood.

Please please encourage kids to eat healthy and exercise.  Soda, cookies, chips – these things are TOXIC to your children.  There are plenty of healthier snacks out there!

Attached is an article that can explain this concept better.

Development of Obesity

Please remember that not all obese and/or overweight people are lazy and eat terribly; there are so many common medical factors that cause this too.  Birth-control pills, diabetes, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, medication, antidepressants, not eating, etc.  Please remember not to judge people because they are over weight, they are fighting a tougher battle than you are to lose weight or get medical conditions under control.

Thank you again for all your time!!  Hope some of these tips help some of you 🙂